Pedrotti Roberto was born in Trento, Italy, November 19th, 1973. He is the creator of the artistic movement “NOT_MAN_MADE “, not made by man and not envisaged by man.
He is a lover of music, art and collectables. In 1988, inspired by his interests and manual skills, he enrolled in a vocational school of carpentry and design.


Roberto Pedrotti Artist




He immediately found employment in a leading carpentry company producing bespoke furniture and fittings.
In 1995 he was offered a new job that gave him the opportunity of constant professional development and lead him to specialize in programming and producing furniture by means of robotic machinery.
The production is transformed from artisanal to automated.





Error number 32 “milling” measures 155 x 95 x 5 cm. © Pedrotti Roberto 2017


He is fascinated by the robots’ speed and precision in comparison to manual skills.
Pedrotti has never failed to notice one detail; the discarded pieces resulting from certain processes that diverge from the designer’s original project and take on unexpected and often ingenious forms.


new movement art


Error number 7 “milling-drilling” op_ff_00_measures 92.5 x 52 x 2.5 cm. © Pedrotti Roberto 2014


As years passed by, these objects resulting from software misinterpretations were acquiring an increasing importance.
The idea of being in front of objects that have neither been designed nor envisaged by man, leads Pedrotti to collect them and to reconsider the role of designers and contemporary artists.


From this, the first artworks take shape and he collects them in his workshop. At the same time the first questions arise, driving him to write the Not_Man_Made placard. What role can they play? Can man’s work represent itself? Can not-man-made work represent the present?



Reverse engineering with robot machine.



Teaching at the vocational school he himself attended, gives Pedrotti the opportunity to work side by side with a future generation of artisans.



Cnc robot machine, sculpture of 1460, Museum Buonconsiglio, Trento.


He also holds courses in woodworking for students and professionals of the sector, teaching them how to program robotic machines and advanced software.



Inauguration February 2017, sculptures in the church S.Agata, Besenello, Trento.


He can therefore teach and interact with two generations that are apparently worlds apart but are both involved in this unavoidable technological change. This allows him to interrelate with two different ways of reacting to a process, which is by now irreversible and unstoppable.



Zero impact “Chair project”.


Today Pedrotti teaches cnc machine and woodworking procedures at the Vocational School of Carpentry and Design in Trento, whilst collaborating with the trade associations, sharing projects with museums and European schools and collecting works of art that are neither made nor designed by man.